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Part 1-Music & The 3 Angels Message
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From: Midnight Cry
Added: 2010-03-25
Category: Sermons/Presentations
Duration: 1:29:23
Video Description: Does God have guidelines for how we should worship? This presentation takes look at the issue of praise & worship in light of the 3 Angel's messages of Revelation 14.


0 #15 Brandon 2014-02-15 19:48
Thank you for your ministry on music we are experiencing the same problem at our church and it seems the pastor has a agenda tied to it. It seems this is the new evangelism to bring in member and this is not the way, it is the heart that needs to be converted not to entertain our flesh please pray for us I would like to purchase your dvd on music what is the cost. God bless
+1 #14 Tina Smith 2011-05-11 23:29
I am saddened to see the comments in regard to the separation of Afro Americans and Caucasians. I attend a VERY diverse SDA church in the suburbs of Detroit, and there is absolutely none of that attitude present. Our family has been there for about 14 years, and I have been very blessed by the diversity there.
+3 #13 Grace 2011-03-13 04:16
Amen brother
+1 #12 John 2011-03-07 15:41
I think we have to be careful here. We have people trying to say what the correct way is to worship a God that has created the universe--Scripture is clear in that it is a heart issue and that if it does not involve a faith founded in Christ then, yes, it is a sin (Romans 14:23; while it deals with eating, the main point is doing something toward or for God with a clear conscious--that is what faith in Christ provides).
Personally, I have no stake in the matter, but what I will say is this. Be careful of tying the creation of instruments to Satan, for the organ came from taverns and the piano came from the opera or as EGW said the "theaters" where all types of licentiousness occurred. The only safe music to have in church, then, is OT Hebrew psalms and songs for that is the only music "legislated" in Scripture. Everything else--even our beloved hymns--are cultural manifestations which cannot be found in Scripture. God help us.
+5 #11 Abby 2010-09-17 18:44
Hello, Although very lengthy and at times extremely monotone...I must agree that the sources and the presentation were a sure word of prophecy. I believe in my heart as I see probation coming to a rapid close, that the final divide of our church will be on the subject of worship. The prophet states that the final movements will be rapid ones and I would encourage all of us..including myself to anchor ourselves in the word of God and make sure that we get a hold of all these end time preachers and listen keenly; measuring every word by the word of God...Thanks for sharing Pastor
-4 #10 eric 2010-06-23 14:10
[quote name="Cassie D"]You say that God wants us to be as "one". Yet in Seventh day adventism, Blacks and Whites have separate conferences.

Your talk is great, but unfortunately, Adventists don't live according to their talk.
just to say My friend there is a HUGE fight in our Church the SDA church to break down this separation but it is not by choice of the Caucasians. it is A CHOICE by the Afro population them selves. and there is a movement to break down these barriers Please pray i believe the devil is working to destroy every one of the Lords Children, including trying to take away the blessed sacrifice our lord Gave and the father gave all for us... he EMPTIED all of heaven n the enemy of souls doesn't want us to regard it as a perfect sacrifice. I will say we are even having a church business meeting on our music programing.. so this issue is a satter on my own heart... there is fighting all the way round to destroy worship and of the True God...
-7 #9 Cassie D 2010-05-23 05:26
You say that God wants us to be as "one". Yet in Seventh day adventism, Blacks and Whites have separate conferences.

Your talk is great, but unfortunately, Adventists don't live according to their talk.

And yes, you are right about Christians needing to be careful about what music we listen to inside and outside of the church.
+6 #8 ir1844 2010-05-01 04:21
I really enjoy this 4 part series on music worship and how the churches today think that by adding worldly music to worhip the lord it is permissible today and the sad thing about it they use david experience when he was worshiping in the spirit thank you again GOD BLESS .
+11 #7 Batsirai 2010-04-18 14:59
If Jesus and then the disciples can make it without the music we now have today, I surely can make it too without music. All I need is the Holy Spirit, prayer and the Word
+14 #6 Batsirai 2010-04-18 14:43
Thanks for exposing the truth about true worship and praise. I pray that I will be also used by the holy spirit to awaken many of the people trapped in this counterfeit. This is my testimony, I was addicted to RnB music then by grace of God I got victory, but now I became addicted to gospel music. I am struggling to pray and studying God's word because I cannot unplug the ear buds from my ears. Yes the music sounds good and innocent but its stealing the time I need in devotion. Honestly, my spiritual life hasn't gotten any better since I started listening to so called "christian music ". It's all fantasy! So today I decided to delete my itunes and trash my cds so I can save money, clear my mind and hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me as I begin to pray and studying the word.