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Music & The 3 Angels Message - Box Set 13 $25.00 This four part series covers the issue of music praise and worship in light of the 3 Angels' messages of Revelation 13 and the Loud Cry Angel of Revelation 18.

The Prophetic Eye - #1 - Power To The People - DVD 1 $5.00 The people of this nation and continuing to get angry. Does this have anything to do with end time prophecy? This video takes a look at the recent Town Hall meetings and what they mean for this nation.

The Prophetic Eye - #10 - Mind Games - DVD 15 $5.00  

The Prophetic Eye - #2 - Dead Wrong - DVD 2 $5.00 This presentation will cover the rise of spiritualism in movies, television, etc…, and why need to allow God to take away our desires for worldly entertainment.

The Prophetic Eye - #3 - The Man Behind The Curtain - DVD 3 $5.00 This presentation covers the Papacy’s increasing influence over the governments of the world, which lead ultimately lead to the enforcement of Sunday laws as prophesied in Revelation 13.

The Prophetic Eye - #4 - Flu Or False - DVD 4 $5.00 A prophetic look into the swine flu epidemic and what God desires His people to do about protecting themselves.

The Prophetic Eye - #5 - How's The Weather - DVD 5 $5.00 This installment is entitled “How’s The Weather”, and covers the increase of natural disasters and how these issues will play a role in the fulfillment of Revelation 13 and 17.

The Prophetic Eye - #6 - Next Stop Sodom - DVD 6 $5.00 This installment is entitled “Next Stop: Sodom” and covers bible prophecy concerning the prevalence of sensuality in the last days. Some of the material may not be suitable for young children so we ask that you use discretion when viewing the video.

The Prophetic Eye - #7 - Identity Crisis - DVD 7 $5.00 As Adventists have we forgotten what our mission is? In this presentation we will take a look at two major issues plaguing Adventism.

The Prophetic Eye - #8 - Signs & Wonders - DVD 11 $5.00 Revelation 16 speaks of a false revival led by "spirits of devils working miracles". How can we identify this movement?

The Prophetic Eye - #9 - March Madness - DVD 14 $5.00  

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