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1 Riots spread across Britain
2 Political Unrest Spreading Throughout The Middle East
3 Anarchy in Egypt: Death toll reaches 100
4 MD county experiences 13 killings so far in 2011
5 Riot police, protesters clash at Acropolis
6 Violience Erupts At G20 Summit In Toronto
7 Ethnic Violence in Kyrgyzstan Kills Dozens
8 44 reported dead in Jamaica police-gang clashes
9 As death toll rises, Thai PM defends crackdown
10 Crisis Deepens; Chaos Grips Greece
11 Baghdad blasts kill 28 amid political unrest
12 ‘Female bombers’ kill 37 in Moscow metro
13 Curfew in Chile Extended as Army Seeks Control
14 Plane attack prompts debate over terrorism label
15 Copenhagen climate summit: 1,000 anarchists arrested
16 Petraeus Says Afghan War Is Tougher Fight Than Iraq
17 Coordinated Blasts in Baghdad Kill at Least 112
18 Koreas Exchange Fire in Naval Clash
19 Lieberman Suggests Army Shooter Was 'Home-Grown Terrorist'
20 US suffers deadliest month in Afghanistan
21 80 killed in blast at Pakistan women’s market
22 Kennedy warns of potential violence over health care bill
23 Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee
24 Pittsburgh braces for more clashes at G-20 summit
25 More Than A Dozen Shot In Chicago Overnight
26 Battles With Militants Kill Over 400 In Nigeria
27 Car bomb strikes Spain barracks, wounding 46
28 Xinjiang riot death toll hits 156 as unrest spreads
29 Bloody Weekend: 8 Dead, Dozens Wounded
30 NKorea threatens US; world anticipates missile
31 North Korea - Rumors Of Wars (Matt. 24:6) - Be Not Troubled
32 North Korea's second nuclear test stirs outrage
33 Sri Lanka official: 257 civilians slain in assault
34 Taliban Advance: Is Pakistan Nearing Collapse?
35 Rebels: 1,000 civilians die in Sri Lanka raid
36 Pakistan Could Collapse Within Months
37 Peres hints at possible strike on Iran
38 Thai Protesters Rally to Call for Another Revolution
39 4 shot, 1 dead at Christian retreat
40 Riots break out at the G20
41 Fighting Over Lost Jobs

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