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7.7 Magnitude Earthquke Hits Sumatra PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 11:00

CNM News Network - April 2010 Indonesia Earthquake UPDATE.  A 7.7 earthquake hit the northern parts of Sumatra, Indonesia yesterday.  The quake is only the latest in a chain of events that has scared the world.  The Indonesian earthquakes follow swiftly after other quakes in the Pacific Rim have struck.

The damage done by the quake isn’t said to be as extensive as damage done to other areas of the world such as Chile and Haiti.  Still yet the urgency of the matter can be felt worldwide.

While there were no tsunami’s spawned by yesterday’s quake, it is always the fear of authorities and citizens of coastal areas that a tidal wave will be created by a quake.  This happened with the Chilean earthquake, but the waves that reached Hawaii weren’t as strong as previously thought.

Back a few years ago, the same region was hit with a 9.3 magnitude earthquake and scientists warned that the same area could succumb to even larger earthquakes.  This makes the 7.7 quake sound like nothing more than a tremor.

Countries recently hit by quakes include not only Chile, Haiti, and Indonesia but also the United States, Turkey, Mexico, Japan, and Russia.  There are surely other countries affected that we have not mentioned.

What do you think about the recent quakes? Do you think it’s indicative of even more problems to come?

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