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Are you troubled by the condition of the world?  Are you dealing with personal issues that you feel are keeping you from enjoying the peace that God promises in His word?  If so you are not alone.  Midnight Cry Ministries is dedicated to presenting the truths that point to the nearness of the Second Coming of Christ, but we are also dedicated to providing resources to give people hope and direction.  We recognize that simply providing prophetic information is not enough, these things are only here to point us to Christ, where we can find a friend to guide us through the chaos that is all around us.

Below you will find links to resources that can aid you in finding answers to many of your questions and concerns.  Whether you are struggling with sin, dealing with health related issues, looking for some type of hope, or any other issue that we all face, God has provided answers through His word and His workers.  We pray that you will be brought closer to Christ and find that direction that we are all seeking.  If you have any questions or comments you would like to share with us directly, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

God Bless.



What is the Mark of the Beast?
















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Pearls of Practical Christianity

"A form of godliness without the power is a weariness and burden; but when the whole heart is enlisted in the service of Christ, there is rest to the soul; for God causeth such to triumph daily over the powers of darkness. God helps him who commits his soul unto the Lord as unto a faithful Creator...." E. G. White